Innate Beginnings: Chiropractic & Hypnobirthing

I’m definitely a newborn photographer and LOVE with all my heart meeting brand new babies…and when I got to photograph baby Lilly at 4 brand new days, I was thrilled and excited to venture into something a little different when her mom called me to do pictures for her website:)

Meet Dr. Jennifer Kragten Ro – a woman so very passionate about what she does.  She offers chiropractic, hypnobirthing and acupuncture therapy. Though she does men and women of all ages, her love (like mine) is for maternity and babies <3

Her adorable (did I say ADORABLE!!!!) daughter…

Okay lets not leave out the other ADORABLE daughter <3

It was nice to watch Jen working with children. At our newborn session I was working with her family and to see her working with children – I could totally understand where her heart was and she really is genuine, and happy, and smiles the entire time!!

Now I would have to say that Ava was super comfortable…perhaps even a little TOO relaxed? Lol!

Even the little one’s like being adjusted.

I would say that even the little LITTLE one’s like it but the above picture is 10 month old Lily and below is 4 month old Evan – they are the same size!  Love his chunky little legs…but see how happy he is after being adjusted?!

..and I mean H A P P Y !!!

Maternity patients are her specialty too! Jenn has some tips and tricks up her sleve that expected moms call her for when they have HAD IT with pregnancy and just want to meet their little ones.  But you’ll have to contact Jenn for those tips 😉

Acupuncture is something I can’t understand because I have never done it – but I want to!! My husband is getting acupuncture treatments right now after his accident, and as tired as he feels afterwards, it’s working!

My dog Kingston likes to see who’s in the studio (which is why we are currently putting in a pocket door) and today was no acception.  At the end of the session we let him in to say hello…even to the camera!

Jenn – it was so fun today venturing into this side of photography! Thank you for asking me!  If you want to contact Jenn just click HERE for more information!


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