Little Girls & Pig Tail Curls

This past weekend was sooooooo hot…and actually quite the perfect weekend for outdoor mini sessions.  Despite the heat, there was a beautiful breeze at the location I chose for these little girls sessions.  Everyone kept the kids hydrated and they had too much fun playing in the tent and reading books under a big shaded tree.  We got through almost all of the sessions…then stay tuned for what happened…











5:30  – little clouds off in the distance…no big deal.  Called for 40% chance of showers all day…but it’s hot, blue skies, sunshine…and now a few clouds…


6pm:  “those clouds in the distance are looking a little dark”?


The last possible second of sunshine: (and from clouds being way far away…within 20 minutes…they were right on top of us)!


6:30 (all the way from St. Mary’s…)


7pm:  “IS THAT THUNDER”?  Why..yes it is!  “IS THAT LIGHTENING”? Why…YES IT IS!!!  Jamie brought her two girls and the wind picked up, the lighting started (literally out of no where)…the girls dresses were flying! Their hair covered their eyes…and 8 minutes into a 20 minute session…we RAN!  Jamie helped grab pillows and blankets and I grabbed furniture and suitcases…and we got SOAKED! The ribbons just stayed in the trees (I remember always being taught never take cover under a tree when there’s lightening…LOL)!  Text messages were flying to my 7:30 and 8:00 people as the sky was now black, the vehicle steamed up from my complete out of breath lungs trying to gasp for air after a marathon of running back and fourth to the sets ups and my vehicle..and then…total and complete LAUGHTER!!  Here I sit all by myself in the middle of a park, no one around, my stuff is SOAKING wet, I look like I showered with my clothes on…and I just start LAUGHING…like snorting-like-a-pig laughing.

Time to reschedule the final 3 sessions.

To make up for turning them around (2 driving from quite a distance and 1 who got soaked helping me clean up)…I decided to bring an extra set up to say thanks for helping, and thanks for the drive and then having to turn around and come back the next day…

So….Jamie came back:


Jana came back:


…and Heidi came back:


I know “mini” sessions are not some photographers cup of tea…but I absolutely LOVE THEM!! I get to see kids that I haven’t seen since their newborn sessions, I get to see clients who come time and time again, and I get to meet new people and their kids.  I love mini sessions!

And no worries to all you mommas who thought “not fair – what about little boys??”…PIRATE SHIP MINI SESSIONS are coming up next month!! Stay tuned in a few weeks for details!


Have a beautiful week everyone!!

Nicole StLouis - July 2, 2014 - 4:28 PM

Oh my goodness!!! They were worth the drive and the heat!!!! Amazing job AGAIN!!! All these pictures are beautiful! And I am totally in love with Madeleines!! Xoxo Tonia thanks again!!!

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