Avery ~ Day 8

What a sweet little peanut.  Honestly – these baby’s lately leave me feeling SO BLESSED and just in love with each and every one of them!!!  This session was a total surprise to momma who had NO IDEA where she was to be (except my address) and until she pulled into the driveway and saw the sign, didn’t know this session was about take place.  What an amazing gift. Think about it, people buy gifts all the time for their loved ones…but what lasts a lifetime and brings you back to this place where your child is only this tiny for this VERY MOMENT in time?   This is literally a gift that lasts a lifetime.  I absolutely loved be a part of this surprise!!!

**If these images appear to look super red, for some reason my blog is saving them way over-coloured but the images are not this red and print a very creamy, gorgeous colour <3


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