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365 – 91 {March 30}

I know it’s beginning to seem like my dogs are my kids with this whole 365 day project, but I find them veryView full post »

365 – 89 {March 28}

I can’t believe my little niece is already 1 !!  Happy Birthday Lenke! and her big adorable pig tails at her cakeView full post »

365 – 88 {March 27}

Today my little niece came over for her cake smash pictures and every time they come for pictures they bring this greatView full post »

365 – 87 {March 26}

Mia and Kingston constantly play soccer together.  Kingston’s toy is a soccer ball and he LOVES to play outsideView full post »

365 – 86 {March 25}

There’s nothing I enjoy more in the mornings than having a fresh cup of coffee with my in-laws.View full post »

365 – 85 {March 24}

Lol…a little story to this picture.  Dave started to tease our dog Kingston with an umbrella…seems KingstonView full post »

365 – 84 {March 23}

Mia spent the night at Great Wolf Lodge with a couple friends for a birthday celebration.  She came home and showed meView full post »

365 – 82 {March 21}

I have the most amazing stepson.  He’s going to be 17 this July and he’s totally in love with the Lord!  View full post »

365 – 79 {Marc 18}

Seriously having difficulties keeping up with this project LOL!!  Sunday – one of the best parts about going toView full post »

365 – 78 {March 17}

To end March break, I let Evan take my motorcycle out for a ride.  Last summer we got our M2 together and this is hisView full post »

365 – 77 {March 16}

My niece Victoria is getting so big.  Reaching for her toes…and giving some seriously dirty looks to my camera!View full post »

364 – 76 {March 15}

It has been such a beautiful March break for the kids this year.  Such an awesome weekend to have off work too!!View full post »

365 – 75 {March 14}

We went to London the other day to visit my dad and have dinner at the Keg (my FAV place to eat!!).  He says he’sView full post »

365 – 74 {March 13}

Its’ so funny to watch my Great Dane get chased around by my in-laws dog!! LOL!!!View full post »

365 – 73 {March 12}

Yes…its is coming!! THE SEASON!! WOOHOO!!View full post »

365 – 72 {March 11}

I know … Kingston – AGAIN!  But hey, this one shows how big my little man is getting <3  He’s OneView full post »

365 – 71 {March 10}

To celebrate (and show my excitement of me getting my marriage license), I ran around with my husband on my back ?  View full post »

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