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365 – 60 {February 28}

My mother-in-law turned 66 today!  I can’t express how blessed we are to have them living up stairs! I love whenView full post »

365 – 59

Yesterday Will and I headed to a photography meeting to socialize and meet up with a bunch of photographers!  AndreaView full post »

365 – 57

If I could hold a newborn everyday…I would!View full post »

365 – 56

Yup.  Skipped a day.  Yesterday we were all sitting together in the living room having coffee and just chatting (myView full post »

365 – 55

As with all my projects, I’m falling way behind!! This was last week!  YIKES!  But look who I’m teachingView full post »

365 – 53 {February 22}

Today has been an unusual day of rescheduled sessions so it’s been nice to get some work done.  I am just editingView full post »

365 – 52 {February 21}

Another day on the ambulance.  The only thing about doing calls so early in the morning is that not everyone gets toView full post »

365 – 51 {February 20}

Well, yesterday was family day …Mia was at her friends all day and they went for a hike…Evan went to theView full post »

365 – 50 {February 19}

I’m getting behind! I don’t like this at all! LOL!  So catch-up on my 365.  I just got some new giftView full post »

365 – 49 {February 18}

I love working with my husband at each wedding we do.  Love taking pictures of him taking pictures lol…View full post »

365 – 48 {February 17}

Today I decided to COOK!! This is a big thing for me (I don’t cook)!  Followed a recipe and it was DELISH!!!!  IView full post »

365 – 45 {February 14}

First thing I woke up to on Valentine’s Day <3View full post »

Humpty Dumpty – day 12

Another newborn boy graced my studio at the sweet tender age of 12 fresh days.  Love what mom brought for a prop…View full post »

Delicate Impressions – Intimates

I’m so excited to announce DELICATE IMPRESSIONS INTIMATES BOUDOIR MARATHON!  Held in Brantford Ontario onView full post »

Beautiful Gorgeous baby Lucas – Day 7

What a perfect little man (for the 3rd newborn boy in a row) – with a perfect little head, and the perfect littleView full post »

365 – 44 {February 13}

Sometimes…you just have to goof around.  Why take attractive ‘perfect’ pictures…life isn’View full post »

365 – 43 {February 12}

Date night last night…we went to our friends house for dinner and they have a pug (you know, one of those dogsView full post »

365 – 42 {February 11}

Playing a little catch up from my 365 day project of taking personal pictures and journalling them for a year…(itView full post »

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