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365 – 31

Had a visitor tonight.  Baby look familiar?  (Look at the picture behind her) ?  Beautiful baby Leila came to sayView full post »

365 – 30

This is quite a week coming up.  I have some wonderful things to blog about this week including my daughter’sView full post »

365 – 29

I absolutely LOVE this weather!  I was going to blog about a baby shower I went to for a wonderful friend of mine, butView full post »

365 – 28

My husband turns 42 today!  I absolutely love watching him sleep.  I love his eye lashes…I love his lips!  IView full post »

365 – 27

I couldn’t help but grab the camera when I saw the HUGE snow flakes coming down this morning.  It’s notView full post »

365 – 26

Attempting to help Mia with her french.  Though we literally have a french man that lives upstairs…she prefers meView full post »

365 – 25

Today was our first day back from holidays and my brother in law and sister in law want to do a picture for theirView full post »

365 – 24

Another beautiful place to go!  Amazing snorkelling and LOTS to do!!!View full post »

365 – 23

My favourite animal EVER!  Mammal – fish – whatever you classify a stingray as lol.  I love them LOVE LOVEView full post »

365 – 22

If only our “nice” Canadian police carried these weapons…maybe our crime rate would be down!View full post »

365 – 21 – Did we find the RING?

God is amazing! End story!  Seriously amazing!  So if someo of you don’t know, we went with the kids on a cruiseView full post »

365 – 20

We travelled together with 5 other couples (I have never travelled with tones of people except for a destination weddingView full post »

365 – 19

We stayed at the RIU Palace Mayan Riviera Mexico.  It was a very beautiful resort, but the food was not great for a 5-View full post »

365 – 18

Oh my husband.  LOL!  He won a shooting contest on the  beach earlier in the day (gotta love being married to a copView full post »

365 – 17

We are back from the sunny South and have answered all phone calls! I have to get to the emails now, but if I don’View full post »

366 – 16

Tomorrow I’m heading to the sunny south and leaving my house (which Im sure is going to be a big party house willView full post »

Milenija – Day 8

My last session before vacation and oh was I in love!  Beautiful little miss who I wanted to just snuggle and hid in myView full post »

366 – 15

Mia is going to be 13 soon! I can’t believe it!! THIRTEEN YEARS OLD! I remember my 13th birthday – and IView full post »

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