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A Girl & Her Cat…

I have maybe photographed cats twice before…but this cat is pretty much my mascot as I see him all the time, andView full post »

Cancer Sucks!

June 7th was a day to honour 7 women fighting cancer.   Why did we do this?  My story can be found HERE.  But thisView full post »

My Husband – My Best Friend

Without trying to be a little too sappy, I just wanted to talk a bit about my husband.  We have been married not quiteView full post »

Ecuador, Orphans and our first missions trip…

We returned from South America last last night / early this morning and my mind is on overload.  So much information,View full post »

Would have been 55

Today was a strange day really.  My mom would have been 55 years old today.  She died of stomach cancer over 10 yearsView full post »

365 – July 11

Just doing some editing and came across this picture of my husband hard at work (LOL)…here is telling the bride toView full post »

365 – June 28

Definitely slacking off in my 365 project…but today is one of those days that’s important and needs to beView full post »

365 – June 18

Today I ventured on a motorcycle ride with Will to head to my dads place to capture a bit of a story about a CanadianView full post »

365 – June 5

I found myself staring at my daughter tonight as she filled up her water bottle getting ready for soccer.  She’sView full post »

365 – May 26 {Off to California}

what a crazy week it’s been !!  Yesterday Will and Flemming travelled another 423.30 miles to Cedar City Utah,View full post »

365 – 116 {May 24}

Yesterday they made some serious headway again and are actually ahead of schedule to arrive in Las Vegas.  I wouldn&#View full post »

365 – 115 {May 23}

Yesterday I worked a day shift and managed to finish up a few photography galleries while sitting around waiting forView full post »

365 – 114 {May 22}

Okay so for you following the journey Will is on down to California on his bike – sorry I didn’t post lastView full post »

365 – 113 {May 21}

What a day it is today!  Today my husband went with a good friend to complete a “bucket list” mission.  View full post »

365 – 112 (May 20)

May 20th – my dads birthday ?  He turned 53 and we were so lucky to get to celebrate his birthday with him.  View full post »

365 – 111 {May 19}

The weather this holiday weekend was absolutely fabulous!  The dogs enjoyed it emensly!View full post »

365 – 110 {May 18}

I’m kinda sneaking pictures all from one day and spreading them out to make it look like I took “1 a day&#View full post »

365 – 109 {May 17}

I have yet to post a picture of my step-mom Karen.  Currently she is a teacher in British Columbia – (my dadView full post »

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